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Our Solutions are Aimed at Positively Impacting the Efficiency of the Project Stages and Processes to Enhance the Overall Productivity for our Clients

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The team at Arth has been Disrupting Industry Practices through a Comprehensive Suite of Services for Digital Transformation, Introducing Innovative Solutions for Better Efficacy & Productivity in the Construction Processes.



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Enhance Labor Productivity 1.8X with DFMA

Reduction of On-site Works Ensuring High Quality and Efficiency. Minimizes Risks arising due to Time over-runs from un-expected site Conditions. Factory Finished Components With Minimum Wastage



Saving of 13% Steel & 10% Concrete Using 3D BIM

Typical floor of one of the tower, (i.e. second floor), was taken for this case study to extract the quantities of concrete and steel reinforcement The comparison between Investment in BIM and ROI were done for the typical floor only, unless nothing is mentioned


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